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Page Background

In addition to the environmental factors usually linked to behaviour, a mother or father

having T2DM as well as epigenetic mechanisms contribute to the present spread of T2DM

through the population (3). The following figure (Figure 8) illustrates the relationship between

environment, genetics and epigenetic.

Fig.: 8 Interaction between environment, genetics and epigentic (3)

Examples of epigenetic phenomena

That interactions between genetics and environment might play a role in disease

development is not an entirely new concept and can be traced back to the 1960s as has been

mentioned above in citing the thrifty gene hypothesis proposed by Neel (2). That the maternal

environment already poses a risk in adulthood via the yet unborn child has been hypothesized by

Fig.: 6 System of DNA


( http://primalsciencehealth.wordpr


Fig.: 7 Nucleosome



.: 21.02.2014)