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Dear Reader,

Hardly one day goes by when there is no invitation to submit a manuscript to a newly

launched online journal. This online publication is different! It does not intend to publish

original research results, but would like to be a forum to introduce and discuss public

health issues of wide scope and general interest. It also could become a forum for

exchanging opinions and experiences made in various fields of public health, not

necessarily based on academic research, but also on practical field work in the community.

The intention is not only to publish some sort of newsletter related to public health where

the Faculty of Public Health of the Khon Kaen University and other public health

institutions are invited to draw attention to their developments and successes. The purpose

of the Khon Kaen Public Health Forum will also be to address various topics of general

academic and public health interest. This might include the history of public health and

medicine as well as drawing attention to new research fields and developments. Each issue

will have a section called ‘Journal Club’ where a publication of particular interest will be

introduced and reviewed. All readers are invited to make the editor of this communication

aware of a paper published in an international journal where she or he is one of the

authors and which is thought to be suitable for a review in the ‘Forum’. It is hoped that a

wide range of readers including students, alumni, staff of public health institutions and

academics will be interested in this magazine. Articles in the ‘Forum’ should therefore also

address the particular problems of students and field workers. Of course, you can read the

‘Forum’ free of charge, and we will be very grateful for all feedback from any source.

We intend to publish the journal at least two or three times a year, and we will keep you

informed of every new issue by e-mail if you provide us with your e-mail address.

With our very best regards,

The Editorial Board

Khon Kaen, May 2014