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Letter from the Editors

Dear Reader,

The concept and purpose of this online-publication was described in the first issue. The

reader is kindly asked to refer to the foregoing publication of the KKPHF. Here we provide

you with a second issue, which we hope will contribute to recent topic of interest for public

health in particular, and for overall health matters in general. Intentionally some of the

topics selected for this issue are controversially discussed. We hope that some of our

readers will take the opportunity and express their opinion, which then will be published in

the next issue of the forum. In addition we repeat the invitation to hint towards a paper

published in an international journal which is thought to be suitable for a review in the

‘Forum’. Please note that we will keep you informed of every new issue by e-mail if you

provide us with your e-mail address

With our very best regards,

The Editorial Board

Khon Kaen, September 2015