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Letter from the Editors

History of Medicine

John Snow a hero of Public Health and Epidemiology and his time

There is more to know about his story – it is not just only about cholera and the water

pump of the Golden Square District in London.

Developments in Public Health

A rocky way from Alma Ata to New York – Perception of the

importance of non-communicable diseases over time from Primary

Health Care to the UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs

The struggle of the NCD Alliances and WHO to raise NCDs on the global agenda and

what are the plans now for prevention and control

Student Affairs

Publish or vanish – the dilemma of doctoral students (Part II)

In the foregoing issue the ‘pros’, but mainly the ‘cons’ of publishing were described. Part

II will suggest how to write a

manuscript and w

hat should be observed so that the

chances of acceptance of the pape

r will improve. Politics in Science

The San Francisco Declaration on research assessment – attacking the

‘Journal Impact Factor (JIF)’

The Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) opts for paying less emphasis on the

JIF but more on the merit of research as such.

Journal Club

Mortality and alcohol consumption

Another attempt to derail the notion that moderate alcohol intake is good for your health