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Letter from the Editors


Consequences of aging and increasing life expectancy

Thailand established a National Elderly Council in 1982, foreseeing the future change in

the nation’s demographic structure. Nowadays about 10% of the population is over 65

years old, and the country will be one of the first ‘developing countries’ ‘getting old

before getting rich’. Comparing the situation in Thailand as a middle income country

with what is observed in Germany, a high income country, the situation in Thailand

seems to be not that alarming.

Developments in Public Health

Geroscience – a topic of interest for Public Health?

Geroscience claims to work for ‘healthy aging’. The aim by itself will be an important

issue for public health. What are the beneficial aspects of geroscience in terms of public

health and are there aspects to worry about?

Student Affairs

Don’t miss positive results

A thesis and a research paper should start with a working hypothesis. This means we

should say what outcome of the study is expected. Once a result is achieved it has to be

tested against the working hypothesis, and this might turn out to be not what was


Interesting stories behind statistics and mathematics

What has ‘Student t-test’ to do with beer and why is the ‘Scottish Book’ an amazing story

about Polish mathematicians?


Is mandatory retirement ‘age discrimination? How old is the old brain?

The Government of Thailand claims that many senior citizens can still work actively and

contribute greatly to society, so shouldn’t be there a movement against mandatory

retirement? The elderly brain is not as incompetent as people believe.

Journal Club

Exercising, but not losing weight

Exercising ‘like hell’ might turn you into an ‘endorphine junkie’, but you won’t burn as

many calories as you think. New research results about exercise and weight loss are

embedded into a historical context over the past 2500 years.